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March 30, 2017

Pinky, Prince Yashua, Tyler

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March 29, 2017

Jonathan Oxford: Went Skateboarding

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Today I went to the skatepark by my house. I landed a few new tricks and lines. Im pretty hyped on the clips I got. I'll tell you what skating is exhausting when you skate for awhile. And leaves you sore after all the slams haha. If you're wondering as I'm rambling on how long have I been skating, it's been 13 years. It's hard to believe I know but it's one of my big passions.well anyhow I had a great day and was owing it at the skatepark.

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March 28, 2017

Michael Rome, Winston Love

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Winston Love and Michael Rome are not only the sexiest ebony studs to walk into this gym, they are also packing some of the most impressive looking chocolate shlongs that I have ever seen. These well built ebony babes don't even bother going home after their workout. Instead they require to go ahead and start getting nasty with each other, blowing each other off on the weight bench and lifting shaft instead of lifting weights. It does look like this type of workout works much better than your typical gym routine - just look at those pecs.

March 26, 2017

Kapone X, Remy Mars

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March 25, 2017

Richie, Ricky Parker

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March 24, 2017

De Ricco, Dees, Michael Rome

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Once the clothes came off for these two black dudes, it was time to get it on! Look at how starving he was for his buddy's cock, when as soon as he got those boxers off, he took a hold of it and ran his tongue up and down his pecker before opening his mouth and filling it up with his rigid dick. He started jerking it off when it was completely swollen, coating his shaft with his spit before he got another dark sausage to run his lips up and down. He then bent over and took a fucking deep in his rump while his mouth was filled with dickhead, and he sucked and banged them both before he got cum all over his face, backside and stomach

March 23, 2017

Kapone X, Rico

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Unlike a lot of relationships where the dominant and submissive roles are clearly defined, Rico and Kapone both enjoy both giving and taking. The guys put a porno on the DVD player and then get naked on the bed, rolling around in a hot 69 with plenty of cocksucking and ass licking. There's a reason for the sloppy rim job action - because both of these guys are going to take it in the ass! It's Rico who takes it first, bent over the edge of the mattress while Kapone drills him in the rear end. However, then the roles are reversed, with Rico getting on top to bang his hung thug boyfriend deep in his well lubed sphincter.

March 22, 2017

Randy Cochran, T-Spoon

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In a smoky, seedy pool hall, a couple of gangsta studs have a hot fuck in the back room. They're playing a game of pool when the more alpha of the two studs beckons to the other, pulling out his thick cock and telling his new fuck buddy to get down on his knees. The shaven headed stud immediately does as he's told, dropping to the floor and swallowing the black dick! Then the cocksucker bends over one of tables, hidden from view by a potted plant as he gets reamed in his sphincter with no condom by the anonymous thug. This mother fucker hits it hard with no mercy - in fact, this painful anal reaming could only be described as prison style!

March 21, 2017

Christian Diaz, Soloman

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Soloman and Christian Diaz are the perfect combination of chocolate and vanilla that I think I have ever seen. This gay interracial duo enjoys the feel of each other's skin, black pressing on white, those monster balls slapping into his rump so hard with every thrust that it's a wonder they aren't both red, and the way they moan together - it's an experience unlike any you've ever watched before. Soloman just keeps driving that weiner in deep, destroying every backside that it gets into - and Christian is loving every last minute of it.

March 20, 2017

Eddy Vanese, Ricky Parker

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A muscular white dude is swimming naked in the pool when he spots a hot black guy giving him the eye. The dudes hook up, touching each others' dicks underneath the water where no one can see. The submissive dark cocksucker tells his stud to give it to him in his mouth. The white man needs no more encouragement, roughly grabbing the black guy by the back of the head and throat fucking him. The horny fellas get out of the water, and the white chap lays the dark stud on his back and eases his prick into that tight black ass. Despite his muscular size, the dark boi has got an extremely tight backside and it's not long before his partner spunks.

March 18, 2017

Jean Camare, Paul Hanson

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Closing up the disco is one of the most boring times for a discotender, but when this hot dark stud strolls in at the end of the shift, he's quickly intrigued, especially when he asks for a job. He's got the right job for him as well, as he unzips his pants and gives him a penis to feast on. The new recruit bobs his head up and down his cock, making it swell as it's jammed down his throat. The discotender gives him a good licking too, all over his shlong, balls and asshole before filling his backside with his swollen dickhead. The disco holds up well to the stuff of him fucking his asshole, fucking him deep and showering him in a stream of his ejaculate.

March 17, 2017

Marko Fairchild, Paul Hanson

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The action is rough but romantic in this intense ebony on black gay sex clip. These two mans hook up via an Internet dating website, and as soon as they get together in the apartment they get down to business - no fucking around! The mans take turns blowing each others' tools and then pumping each other hard in the backside. There are no condoms involved; these mans are more eager to experience the pure pleasure of flesh on flesh rather than worrying about catching something! There is plenty of hot and sweaty grunting as they fuck each other's asss brutally, finally spunking messily all over each other. Extremely hot stuff!

March 16, 2017

Deon, Rashaan

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Rashaan wants to introduce Deon to his huge dick, but hasn't had him alone and to himself long enough until now. Getting him naked and touching him all over in his home office, Deon gets the idea pretty quickly and pulls Rashaan's nether rod out for a quick go with his tongue before getting him naked too so they can really play! A little rimming is in order after the oral to get their butts good and wet and lubricated before they go balls deep in one another. Plowing hard, the spooge comes fast, and gets everywhere!

March 15, 2017

Billy Hughes, Clever

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Billy Hughes and Clever are two gorgeous gay ebony thugs that meet up in the penthouse - and they do some very naughty things. You just have to mention gay sex and Clever ends up getting a enormous grin on his face, like he is just imagining all of the other wangs that have ended up in his backside. They are both nicely muscled - I love watching their bodies. Once their peniss come out, it is just way better - they have nice big manhoods that they love to sword fight with. They also end up slamming into those tight booties together.

March 14, 2017

Dimitri, Little Blundt

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Little Blundt and Dimitri are a couple of hung ebony studs that couldn't wait to get their clothes off and get down to business. Dimitri was so horny he actually went to his knees and gave Little Blundt a we rim job before swallowing his cock down his throat. He proceeded to suck Little Blundt until he was rock hard then got on his hands and knees and let Little Blundt mount him up from behind. Little pounded that black ass like he owned it, fucking him hard and reaming him out then he pulled out and nutted on his ass while Dimitri jacked off and shot his load all over himself.

March 13, 2017

Bobby Blake, Dom Sinclair, Gene La Mar, Jade

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It's about to get real hardcore in this gay bar with all four of these gay dudes as horny as can be! What starts off as some playful kissing and probing gets real hardcore quickly, as all of them take off their clothes so they can admire each other's meatsticks and booties. Pretty soon, their mouths are bobbing up and down on every stiff prick around the bar, and then their booty cheeks are spread open so they can feel every inch of swollen wang penetrating their colon. Each dude is grabbed tightly and fucked from behind or on top, milking their dickheads inside of their assholes until each of them pull out and explode all over the other.

March 11, 2017

Lil Boo & Big Steel

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Lil Boo is good at sucking dick, riding dick and taking dick. Steel gives him 10 thumbs up for his dick sucking, riding and taking abilities and when you know the power with which Steel wields that monster then you know he knows what he's talking about. This is a dynamic bareback fuck session!
March 10, 2017

Kurupt, Seduction

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March 09, 2017

Kash, Angel, Mr Magic, Intrigue & Ramon Part 1

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The thugs start off by reminiscing how long they been sucking dick for Thug Orgy and we got here some seriously expert cocksuckers. But talk is cheap and action is what we're looking for so get your pants off and get those ebony cocks out ready to be swallowed!
March 08, 2017

Anthony DeMarco, Peanut

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March 07, 2017

Dareone Black, Koby Bird

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These black gay studs don't waste any time when it comes to a hard ass fucking, do they? Koby Bird and Dareone Black are already making the bed rock, as he slides his cock inside of his buddy's butt and starts to ram it from behind with every last inch of his chocolate rod. He grabs him by the hips and slams him hard while he moans loudly, grabbing a hold of the pillow to brace himself. While he strokes himself, he sucks on his man's dick as he straddles his chest, jerking himself off from the sensation of having his ass gaped open just minutes earlier. That's why after he cums, he's vigorously sucking him off for his hot sperm.

March 06, 2017

Infamous, Pin Up Boi, Polo Starr

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March 05, 2017

De Karlo, Koby Bird

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Bald black man Koby Bird lays naked on his bed as muscular hunk De Karlo sucks his hard cock. De Karlo gives Koby a long and deep blow job, and De Karlo gets on his hands and knees so Koby can fuck him up his tight ass doggy style. Koby thrusts his dick in and out of De Karlo's dirty butt hole, making De Karlo moan in pleasure as Koby does him right. Koby finally jerks himself off and blows his load all over De Karlo's cock and balls, all while De Karlo masturbates and blows his hot load all over himself.

March 03, 2017

Diamond Prince, Kodak Kidd, Pinky

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March 02, 2017

Koby Bird, Little Blundt

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These gay guys are relishing a moment when finally have some time alone together between the sheets. They lie next to each other on the bright red bed, rubbing their hands all over each others' fine, toned black bodies and stroking each others' cocks. One guy decides to be the submissive one for the evening, sucking on his boyfriend's impressive schlong and swallowing it right down to the base, until his lips are brushing his friend's balls. Once his friend is rock hard and there is precum dribbling from the end of his dick, he bends over, offering up his ass hole fucking. Imagine how hard he gets slammed after teasing his friend like that!

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