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May 22, 2017

Charles Cameron, Paul Morgan, Troy Steel

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White dude Troy Steel is terrified, finding himself trapped and alone in a third world prison. You know what happens when a tiny white stud gets stuck in a maximum security jail - he's going to take multiple black tools in his anus! He has barely been inside for five minutes when large and muscular ebony thug Charles storms in to the cell. Troy tries to play it cool but there's no escaping it - Charles pushes young Troy down to his knees and tells him to suck that ebony penis! Troy chokes and gags on the tool, but there's no helping it - he has to work it with his mouth as best he can. He finds that he quite enjoys the taste of dark cock!

May 21, 2017

Josh Black, Mike Mahone

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Mike Mahone and Josh Black opened up the futon in the apartment, stripped naked and got down to business. They started kissing and probing on each other then Mike sucked on Josh's shaft. Josh got on top of him and banged his mouth then he flipped Mike over and banged him deep in his dark butt. He was on top of him, throwing long hard thrusts into his backside and banging him with every ounce of strength he had then he jumped off and the two laid side by side and started kissing as they jacked off and exploded all over each other.

May 20, 2017

Diabolique, Sexcyone

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We start off with two hot ebony guys that are already making out. Before long they're totally naked and one is mouthing on the others meatstick eagerly. He continues to suck on is manhood for a good long time before they switch off and the other stud starts sucking on the first mans long hard stiff dick. Before long the first man is bent over and is getting banged in the backside from behind. As he's getting fucked the first man is also jerking himself off. Then the first dude ejaculates and the second guy pulls out to start jerking himself of good and hard. He continues to do so until he finally blows his load all over his own stomach.

May 19, 2017

Intrigue & Jodi

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Lil Jodi is new but he knows that Dark Thunder is sexy and powerful already. But y'all know that Dark Thunder is hot, dark sexy sex. Jodi is a cocksucker from way back and he works Intrigue's schlong with gusto til that monster is ready to fuck Jodi in his ass. Jodi's butt is a perfect ebony bubble butt and Intrigue makes sure it gets slapped hard while he's fucking it deep. Jodi is a very limber guy and is contorted in all positions while Intrigue plows him deeper and deeper. Its a cumtastic ending with that smooth chest being covered in white sticky cum.
May 17, 2017

Lamar Nalls, Rick Van

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Blonde white boy Rick Van joins playful dark man Lamar Nalls as he takes a break from his home renovation and rests on some boxes. Lama pulls down Rick's jeans and fingers his firm asshole, and Lamar kneels to give him a rim job. Rick returns the favor by dropping to his knees to suck Lamar's hard shlong, and Lamar blows Rick in return. Rick puts on a meatstick ring and Lamar gets on his hands and knees so Rick can insert his ass hole doggy style. Rick Lays back and hold his legs back to take it up the rump missionary, and the men finally whack themselves off and cream everywhere.

May 16, 2017

Bekim, Standly K

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Shaven headed black guy Standly is trying to take a shower when his horny boyfriend Bekim lets himself into the bathroom. What virile stud is going to turn down a free blowjob? Standly watches in satisfaction as his slutty cocksucker of a boyfriend gets down on his knees, blowing the black cock right down to the balls. Standly even turns around, pulling his backside cheeks apart while Bekim licks his ass crack up and down, inserting his tongue right into Standly's ring piece. After Standly has blown his load in Bekim's mouth, he pays his dude back for the oral with some divine dickhead slurping and jizz gagging action of his own.

May 15, 2017

Mr. X, Remy Mars

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May 14, 2017

Infinity, Ricky Parker

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This hot clip begins with a slim and submissive cocksucker blowing his daddy's dick. The cocksucker is wearing his cap backwards and a voluminous red T-shirt that hangs loosely on his scrawny frame. The two men get naked and then the darker skinned, scrawny guy, who looks surprisingly like Flavor Flav, gets his ass totally torn apart. He stands and is bent at the waist by his shaven headed daddy and he jerks himself pathetically during the rough sodomy. The two men lie next to one another on the bed and jerk themselves off to an orgasm at the end. If you like a rough anal you'll love this clip - it's a really dominating ass fucking!

May 13, 2017

John Chesswood, Little Blundt

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Two horny black gay studs hook up at the bar one night and go home for a hot and sweaty anonymous fuck session. One guy, with a slightly heavier build and a shaven head, is clearly the submissive one, sucking his tall and thin companion's cock and then bending over to receive a hardcore anal pounding. His friend's got a big dick, and the bald guy squeals as his tight black butt gets stretched out by his friend's prodigious penis. His buddy really gets into it, holding his partner's hips firmly and slamming his cock right up that sphincter until it is squelches up into his guts. He cums in the ass hole and the bald guy jerks himself off.

May 12, 2017

Kodak Kidd, Peanut

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May 10, 2017

Dammyann: A Normal Day

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May 09, 2017

Extreme, True Story

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This horny gay guy has managed to meet another horny homosexual on the Internet. He talks to him on the phone, inviting his new-found butt buddy over to his house for some steamy cocksucking and ass sex. While he is waiting for his friend to arrive, he has a shower, making sure that he cleans his cock and balls especially well. He wants his genitals and his ass hole to be fresh and clean! As soon as his buddy gets in the door, the guy gets down on his knees and sucks his mate's cock. This turns in to a hardcore ass reaming, and he gets bent over the edge of his own bed while his butt gets ripped apart by his black stallion's humongous cock.

May 08, 2017

Bobby Blake, Craig Stevens, JC Carter

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Muscle bound and hornier than a rhino, JC Carter and Bobby Blake take a skinny dip in their apartment pool. They knew they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off their big black hard-ons, and maybe the landlord wouldn't like the complaints but sometimes you have to live on the edge! Until the landlord, Craig Stevens, comes out to join them for their summer-time outdoor anal fuckfest! These three men give it as hard as they take it. With the landlord there they know there won't be complaints, and if there are, maybe Craig will be happier to talk to them about it!

May 07, 2017

Long Beach, Paul Hanson

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Long Beach and Paul Hanson were lounging around outside soaking up the sun. They decided to have a good time so they stripped off their clothes and Paul laid face down on the ground and let Long lick his ass. He got on top of him and slipped his manhood into his anus and drove him into the ground. He plowed that ebony ass, banging him like he was angry. He pulled him back on his knees and hammered it doggy style, working his anus and grinding that jumbo wang into that tight butt. As he got ready to burst he pulled out and the stud pressed their peckers together and came at the same time.

May 06, 2017

Remy Mars, Rico

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May 05, 2017

Jones Bank, Robert H

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Robert H and Jones Bank are both really sexy black gay guys - and they always like to make a date to masturbate together. First the peniss come out, and then their hands work their way up and down those long tools. There is nothing quite like seeing them get hard nice and slow, a total stiffy just making me weak at the knees and horny as hell. They keep on going for about 12 minutes, standing up and working their peckers side by side. Now that is one of those types of episodes that are just fucking hot as hell.

May 04, 2017

Ray Don, Soloman

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It's straight into the action in this hardcore gay fuck scene. The clip opens on the gorgeous bodies of two muscular gay men, with one lying face down and his buddy lying on top of him with his dick in his ass. The guy on top is bigger and darker, the black beast on top of his lighter skinned cousin. He ruts him hard in the ass, pressing him down into the mattress as his hard shaft buries itself in the bottom guy's butthole. Soon the bottom bitch can't take it any more, begging his friend to stop rutting him so hard. Instead, the ebony lovers lie side by side on the bed, cuddling while they jack themselves off all over their own stomachs.

May 02, 2017

Kidd Jamaica, Kodak Kidd

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In this extreme all ebony gay gang fuck, seven different guys team up for some extremely hot action. At the beginning of the video all the dudes are sitting around in their lingerie, with some of the dudes on a couple of couches while the rest lie languidly on the bed. They put on a little show for one another, which soon turns into an all-out orgy! There's plenty of hot rectal and manhood blowing including booty to mouth action, and some extremely inventive positions get used. Of course, the dudes naturally delineate themselves into tops and bottoms, with one stud in particular taking a rough rectal fucking from several of the other men.

April 30, 2017

Bob West, Paul Hanson

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Paul Hanson and Bob West might not sound like badass black gay men, but trust me, these chocolate hunks are going to melt in your mouth and your hand. They meet in a park in the middle of nowhere, so they probably won't be found by anyone wandering around. However their cocks found each other as Paul and Bob start to explore each other with their mouths. They work their dicks nice and hard, going faster and faster by the second. Once he slurps down that chocolate cum they are moaning at the top of their lungs.

April 29, 2017

Kapone X, Pinky, Shorty J

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April 28, 2017

Infamous, Mr. Sauki

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April 27, 2017

Big Daddy, Peanut

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The dominant gay black guy at school, who is captain of the basketball team, goes knocking on a submissive young dude's door one night. He has been eying up this young geek for quite some time, has worked out where his dorm room is, and has decided that he is going to give this young stud a good throat banging. He pushes his way into the room, thrusting his big dark weiner down his younger friends throat and stuffing him to suck. It is not long before the young geek is bent over the edge of his bed, and he is spitting on his butt as he slides that thick ebony meatstick up that firm young man's anus. Hardcore butt pounding screaming ensues.

April 25, 2017

Mello, Ricky Parker

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A young dude realises his fantasy when he gets get to anus bang an older ebony gentlemen. The two guys begins the video lying next to each other on the bed, dressed only in their firm thongs. Their giant packages are clearly visible through the fabric of their pants. The older dude loves a bit of young pecker, taking his companion's rod in his mouth for some oral pleasure. Then the older stud gets on top, holding his ass cheeks apart and impaling himself on the younger dude's erect dick. This finally turns into a hard doggystyle pumping and the young dude ends up spunking right inside the older dude's anus. The old dude juice himself off.

April 24, 2017

Cameron & Kash

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Kash has been busy making Kash so we haven't seen him for a while but he's back and paired with Cameron for some straight up Dark Thunder sucking and fucking. He jumps Cameron's cock in a hot minute and slurps on it like a pro. When it's good and hard he turns over and offers his round ass to Cameron to get plowed.
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