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June 27, 2017

Blair, Japan

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June 26, 2017

Anthony E. St James, Lamarion Cox, Sexcyone

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This oversize balling dark gangster is cruising around in his pimped out ride, looking for impressionable young men to take home. He sees a lithe and athletic young dark stud standing on the street corner, and he calls him over to the car. The young stud is impressed with the driver's rap star persona, accompanying him back to the crib. Once they get there, the shaven headed older stud pulls his tool out and orders the young stud to suck. He is hesitant at first, but as soon as he gets a whiff of that stinking penis he has to have it in his mouth. Then he takes it in his rump, riding the pole and squeezing his buttocks together to make it tight.

On the basketball court five black men are messing around shooting hoops. They return home to find more friends sitting around munching on pizza, once they have had their fill they all start stripping down to the buff. Relaxing on the couch some of them hold their own dong in their hand, jerking themselves off to get hard. Others are kissing each other and blowing on someones boner. With a finger in an booty and a wang in their mouth these get each other ready to have a giant ebony dick in their asshole.

June 23, 2017

T-Spoon, Tyson Cane

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Tyson Cane is a sexy muscle guy who might look like he's going to be all calm during a photo shoot, but it doesn't take long before he has the photographer on his cock. T-Spoon is sucking down on that shaft in no time, letting his lips wrap around it and working up and down that wang. He's a rather horny and fun loving stud who does not mind getting his face filled with Tyson's long black shlong. As he opens his mouth to accept that manhood, he moans, groans and thinks about just how much it will stretch his tight dark butt.

June 22, 2017

Hot Boi, Infinity

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A young black masseuse is giving an older man a massage. Instead of pouring on massage oil, instead he pours on chocolate sauce, rubbing it all over the older man's back, legs and about. After he has cleaned off, the older man gives the young black masseuse an excellent blow job, looking up into the camera POV style while he chokes on the impressive dark cock. Then the older man, who has significantly lighter coloured skin, gets down on all fours and offers up his sphincter. The young black stud ploughs him from the back, hammering that tight ass and pulling out at the latest minute to ejaculate over the older man's buttocks.

June 21, 2017

Bobby Blake, Craig Stevens, Dante Franklin

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Dante Franklin needs some serious stiff shaft, and he needs it any way he can get his hands or mouth on it! Bobby Blake can smell his desperation, and decides to cash in on his good luck, but so does Craig Sevens. Both men work their charms to get Dante's clothes off and it works. Once their shorts hit the floor lips lock around dicks and heads start bobbing away, getting them all ready for the real fun. These boys start into the hardcore butt action with all the lust in their loins, riding their bodies to the limit and blasting loads all over each other!

June 20, 2017

Mark Tarr, Mike Lorre

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Mark Tarr, a hung black stud, was in a hotel. He called up Mike Lorre a white piece of ass he knew and invited him over. When Mark got there he didn't wait, he pulled Mark's dick out and started sucking on his dick. Mark pulled off his boxers and Mike sucked while he got naked. He laid down on the bed and opened up wide so Mark could stuff his cock all the way down his throat. He fucked his throat the pulled out and he let Mike suck and lick his balls while he stroked his cock and fired his hot load of man chowder all over Mike's tight body.

June 19, 2017

Andrew, Little Blunt

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June 18, 2017

Kapone X, Stash

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Despite his gangster name, Kapone is a submissive oral slut who loves to get banged in his rear end - and he especially loves it when the dude cums in his ass! Wearing a fresh baseball cap, he goes down on his main man Stash, who has got a nice thick dick for Kapone to choke on. He can feel Stash's cock start to pulse like he is about to spurt, so instead of swallowing the jizz, Kapone gets down on all fours, inviting the other male screwed him in his ass. There is some brilliant doggy style fucking in this video, with the camera getting in close so that you can see both swinging dicks during the deep back door penetration.

June 16, 2017

Javier, Ricky Parker

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A greasy Latino stud has managed to score a big dick black guy for the evening. He was initially attracted to the black guy's thick, deep purple lips, which look like they would be absolutely perfect for sucking cock. The Latino is not disappointed, as the eager black cocksucker goes down on him as soon as they are alone in the bedroom together. After a long and protracted sloppy cocksucking, driving the Latino into a wild state of lust, he bends his black friend over at the waist and begins to fuck his ass hole savagely. This tight black butt really gets reamed, and then the black guy's ass cheeks gets splattered with a hot load of cum.

June 15, 2017

Christopher Fleur De Lis, Ricky Parker

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Ricky Parker and Christopher Fleur De Lis were having a relaxing day at home when their hands started probing each others bodies. As they kissed their clothes came off and they took each others meatsticks out. Ricky leaned over and took Christopher's thick prick into his mouth. He sucked on him and took that long took down his throat. He sucked him until he was rock hard then he bent Christopher over and put that hard shaft into his super firm ass. He hammered him hard and deep making it so that Ricky couldn't hold out very long so he pulled out and the two came together.

June 14, 2017

Ray Don

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A young and good-looking dark college man walks in to his dorm room, only to find his chubby room mate sniffing his dirty underwear! The chubby man looks embarrassed, but the athletic man just laughs, unzipping his pants and shoving his stinking dong into his friend's face. The chubby man looks overwhelmed - he has been fantasising about his roommate's thick penis so long, and now he finally gets a chance to suck it! He does his best, slurping the tool almost completely the whole way down to the base. After he's blown his friend for a while, the turned on black men lie next to each other on the bed, talking dirty and stroking themselves.

June 13, 2017

Flex-Deon Blake, Ricky Parker

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You can tell this man has one muscle he's worked out plenty. When his personal trainer comes in to check out his progress, things start getting really sweaty. His trainer checks out his firm glutes and pulls his wang in for some reps of his own. He gives that jock tool a real workout with his tongue and then orders the same in return to his cock. He then bends over and spreads his rump cheeks for some hot penis action in his ass. He does have one fine backside, built specifically for fucking. Withough breaking rythym he pulls his burgeoning meatstick from that firm hole and jerks and twists it until it explodes with a white river of cream all over

June 12, 2017

Lu Silk, Pleasure

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This hot black on black gay scene begins with two studs being introduced to the camera one at a time. Then you see them relaxing together on a beautiful antique rug, stroking each others' bodies and pulling each other's clothes off. They take turns sucking each others' cocks and by golly, both of these black men are extremely good-looking, with sexy shaved heads. After some hot oral they move on to anal sex, with one guy bending his buddy over and fucking him hard in the ring hole, massaging that prostate good with his dick. The two guys ejaculate all over each others' cocks at the conclusion of this hardcore gay anal vid.

June 11, 2017

Andrew, Brown Eyez

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Brown Eyez and Andrew are two very eager gay guys. Within seconds, these two mans are getting dirty as Andrew drops down to his knees sucking on his friend%u2019s enormous meatstick. He takes his whole dickhead deep in his mouth, turning him on. Andrew sucks hard on Brown Eyez%u2019s pecker so that he is now ready to bang. Andrew gets bent over opening up his tight black asshole. He takes his friend%u2019s cock deep in his butt, moaning to show how much he loves to be drilled in the backside. Brown Eyez takes his tool out and the two studs masturbate until they both jizz.

June 09, 2017

Dennis Lincoln, Kamrun

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Kamrun wants to introduce Dennis Lincoln to his enormous slit, but hasn't had him alone and to himself long enough until now. Getting him naked and touching him all over in his backyard, Dennis gets the idea pretty quickly and pulls Kamrun's shaft out for a quick go with his tongue before getting him naked too so they can really play! A little rimming is in order after the oral to get their asses good and wet and lubricated before they go balls deep in one another. Fucking hard, the jizzum comes fast, and gets everywhere!

June 08, 2017

Bam, Ricky Parker

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A well muscled black stud with a bald head is cruising along the street one day when he picks up a young black hitchhiker. This young guy knows the rules, and knows that since he hasn't got money for gas then he better be ready to pay for the lift with something else! He goes back to the car owner's hotel room, and they retire to the bedroom so that the young guy can pay back what he owes. He licks and sucks his dominant friend's cock, while his daddy guides him by the back of the head up and down on his prick. Then he bends over and lets the guy fuck him in the ass hole, yelping as his tight, barely fucked ass hole gets stretched out.

June 07, 2017

Michael Long

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Well built ebony muscle man Michael Long comes into the home gym to perform an extremely hot strip. You'll be impressed by the rippling muscles on Michael's muscular dark frame as he takes off his shorts and T-shirt to get completely nude. His dark body looks fantastic as he performed press ups and some pull ups on the bar. Lying back on the weight bench, he starts to play with his impressively thick dark penis. He jerks it first with one hand and then the other, spitting on his palm for lubrication as he gets closer to orgasm. When he creams, he gushes all over his own flat stomach and you can see it dribble on those six pack abs.

June 06, 2017

Everett Jackson, Richard Reyes

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Richard Reyes and Everett Jackson can't even get past the front foyer, they're so hot for cock! Through the front door, ripping their clothes off, the only thing nearby is a set of stairs and that's as far as they make it. Making out gives way to some long impressive blowjobs, but that's not all they're going to use their tongues for! The rimjobs are short, and sweet so there's no time wasted and they get straight to the anal from there. Hard black cocks give way to white hot cum all over their rippling abs!

June 05, 2017

Pierre, Ricky Parker

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June 04, 2017

Stevenson L

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Black gay guy Stevenson jerks himself off in this incredible ebony solo dude vid. He is looking hot as always, with a toned and muscular stomach with a neat goatee. His meatstick is thick, long and hard, and he has bushy black pubes that haven't seen a razor for a while. Spitting on has palm for lubrication, he begins to stroke himself slowly at first, and you will be amazed at how his already jumbo semierect penis grows to a gargantuan monster when he achieves a full erection. By the end of the scene he is really thrashing himself, and he shoots a thick stream of spunk that hits him in the face and splashes all over his chest.

June 03, 2017

Bam, Chris Young

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This bandanna wearing black stud has got himself a submissive white bitch from the construction yard who sucks him off every time he cruises past the car park. Right in full view of passers-by, where anyone could walk past at any moment, he coerces the eager young twink to get down on his knees and take that massive black cock in his mouth. He looks down with satisfaction as the young white guy wraps his lips around that dick black shaft and swallows as much as he can. The muscle bound stud then bends white guy over in the back of his truck, taking him hard in the ass and then filling his butthole with his sticky spunk.

June 01, 2017

Christian Diaz, Kochiece

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May 31, 2017

Ahmon, Dante Franklin

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This well hung black pimp knows how to keep his boys in line! He has had guys lining up around the block to suck his cock ever since the word got around that he has got a big bone. You know how these blacks are - lascivious! The two men begin sitting naked on the couch and then the shaven headed lackey goes down on the dominant male. He sucks the cock deep, wilfully making himself gag on the black pole until precum is spurting out the end. He doesn't let the pimp cum at once, wanting to savour that musky ebony meat in his mouth for as long as possible. Instead he kneels, licking the balls before he finishes sucking the semen out of them.

May 30, 2017

Bobby Blake, Kevin Kemp, Ricky Parker

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Ricky Parker needs some serious thick jammer, and he needs it any way he can get his hands or mouth on it! Bobby Blake can smell his desperation, and decides to cash in on his good luck, but so does Kevin Kemp. Both men work their charms to get Ricky's clothes off and it works. Once their shorts hit the floor lips lock around dicks and heads start bobbing away, getting them all ready for the real fun. These boys start into the hardcore ass action with all the lust in their loins, riding their bodies to the limit and blasting seed all over each other!

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